The video below shows illegal organ transplants done by the Chinese government by the mass execution of prisoners of conscience. Please spread the word and this video.

Google Foobar

Recently, when my friend was browsing on the internet and searching for some JavaScript related questions he was posted with a link to the foobar challenge by google. This link acts as a recruiting tool for google. This Google foobar site allows access to questions only for people with a invite. The link may turn up when using (may be if you were searching something interesting according to google) or it can be accessed via an invite from a friend(if he/she reaches a certain level in the challenge). In this blog post I will write about the challenge, the problems that were posed for me in challenge and my approach.

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Interesting links

This web page contains interesting information regarding a number of topics. Also, I would keep this page updated for interesting links.

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Divide a Line Segment

This problem is from a competition where we were only allowed to use tools such as scale and compass and asked to divide a line segment into many parts. The number of parts the line ahs to be split into can be any number. In this blog post we would use 5 as the number of parts we divide a line segment into but the technique used in this blog can be applied to any number.

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Numerical Issues

Numerical issues that go undetected lead to unexpected issues. This is one of those tales of a bug that was lurking in the code and went undetected for long.

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