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This web page contains interesting information regarding a number of topics. Also, I would keep this page updated for interesting links.

Table of contents

1.Agriculture 1. Aquaponics 1. Good fish for aquaponics 2. Compost tea with aquaponics 3. Goldfish or Koi 1. Food for Goldfish 2. Goldfish vegetables 2. No till

  1. Functional Programming
    1. SICP - Structure and interpretation of computer programs
  2. Competitive Programming
    1. USACO training
    2. Google Code Jam
    3. Al Zimmermann’s Programming contests
    4. UVa Online Judge
    5. ICPC
    6. Maths
      1. Project Euler
    7. Machine Learning - Competitive Programming
      1. Kaggle
    8. Bioinformatics - programming
      1. ROSALIND
  3. Theoretical physics
    1. How to become a GOOD Theoretical Physicist
  4. General Computer Science
    1. Design Patterns
  5. C++
  6. Good book reviews or talks
    1. How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big
  7. Health and fitness
    1. Kefir
  8. Hard truth
    1. Natural exploitation



Good fish suitable for aquaponics

Below are the list of fish suitable for aquaponics

  1. Koi - can feed them almost anything
  2. Cat fish - can feed them anything (prefer low protein food) but make sure that you turn off lights in the night. They are active in the night.
  3. Goldfish - can feed anything. Have been domesticated for a long peridos of time. Also, this fish can share the tank along side Apple Snail.
  4. Carp - More like Koi. Koi is a inbred carp.
  5. Tilapia - Make sure that a few generations of Tilapia fish are not used for eating/sale as they may have parasites due to the bad fish feed being fed to these fish in commercial tilapia grow centers.

    Compost tea with aquaponics

    Though ocompost tea does not help in iron deficiency in the first few days, it will help in a aged system with lower PH. The video does not show how this compost tea is applied. One method to apply the compost tea is by spraying the compost tea on the plants of a aquaponics system. Also, using compost tea from a worm based compost is far better than the normal composting procedure as the risk of diseases is almost zero in the worm based compost.

Goldfish or Koi

Food for Goldfish

Spinach for the Goldfish
Preparing the spinach for the Gold fish

Vegetables for the Goldfish

Below are the list of fruits and vegetables the Gold fish feeds on.

  1. Peas - helps at digestion
  2. Lettuce
  3. Spinach
  4. Zucchini
  5. Carrots
  6. Cucumbers
  7. Apples
  8. Grapes
  9. Garlic
  10. Pieces of Orange (for vitamin C)
  11. Rice
  12. Broccoli
  13. Corn
  14. Beans

Other notable homemade plants

  1. Duckweed - Can also be used to filter water before it goes to the aquaponics system. It has also been used to filter heavy metals and this gives a general idea that water can be passed through a few layers of duckweed before it goes to acquarium and the first batch which contains most of the heavy metals can be passed to a biogas generator.

Remember to cook and chop all hard vegetables

No till

No till week management

No till scientific soil management

No till - Healthy soil generation

Functional programming

SICP - Structure and interpretation of computer programs

Link to the free text - Thanks to Authors of the text for having registering the text in Creative Commons License.
Set of 99 problems in different languages: Prolog Lisp Haskell Scheme OCaml

Competitive Programming


A very nice website that teaches you how to code and prepares you for a Computing Olypiad. Link here.

Google Code Jam

Old problems from the google code jam are a good place to start.

Al Zimmermann’s Programming contests

A little hard problems. Takes more time but then the solution also needs to be cleaner and so more effort and better clarity on problems.
Link here.

UVa Online judge

Link here.

ICPC arhives

It is a set of very good problems and very interesting ones too. Link here


Project Euler

Link here.

Machine Learning - Competitive Programming


Link here.

Bioinformatics - Programming


Link here.

Programming languages


Theoretical physics

How to become a GOOD Theoretical Physicist

Link here.


Farmed Norwegian Salmon - World’s Most Toxic Food

General Computer Science

Design patterns

A very good basic book on design patterns is at the wikibooks


  1. Stephan T. Lavalej - Core C++
  2. Stephan T. Lavalej - STL
  3. Stephen T. Lavalej - Advanced STL
  4. Herb Sutter - C++11 memory model
  5. Herb Sutter - Concurrency and parallelism
  6. Bartosz Melewski - C++11 and concurrency
    His blog seems to have a lot of information regarding a lot of problems.

Good book reviews or talks

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

Book review - Brian Johnson

Author’s(Scott Adams - Creator of the character Dilbert) talk on the book

Health and Fitness


Hard truth

How somethings we take for granted are affecting the world!

Are resources always good ?

Exploitation of workers in Nigeria over oil!

We take oil as a commodity that is being used commonly for everything - commute, power generation(yes, it is replacing coal as of today - 2018), etc.

Exploitation of tin in Indonesia

Tin is used in all electronic goods. Yet we never ask where did it come from ?

Underwater gold mines in Philippines

The lack of money in Philippine combined with the hope that a living can be earned out of mining gold illegaly takes toll on lives and the living conditions of the people.

Textile industries polluting rivers in Indonesia

The waste from the textile industry in Indonesia is polluting the Citarum river. Lack of sanitation facilities is making the conditions worse due to defecation in the river. The locals also dump the waste in the river making it very polluted. The people of the region use this river for swimming, bathing, drinking and washing dishes!!

EU expliting Mauritinia’s fishes

Written on March 20, 2017