A few of my favorite TedX talks

This page includes a few of the interesting Ted talks that I liked and have put them here. I will keep updating this page with what I have liked.

Poison on our Plate by Ramanjaneyulu GV

Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons

An excellent Ted Talk on how machine learning was used to understand the behavior of social networks on behavior of human beings.
The hidden influence of social networks by Nicholas Christakis

3 Myths of the Indian Education system - Vinay Menon
Excellent questions asked about the Indian Education system. Very relavent talk for today’s times.

Self-Transformation Through Mindfulness - Dr. David Vago

Your health is governed by your Environment - Dr. B.M Hegde

Ayurveda Over Western Medicines - Dr. B.M Hegde

How to grow a forest in your backyard - Shubhendu Sharma

How trees talk to each other - Suzanne Simard

How Norway Reinvented Prison - <Very interesting, but Not TedX>



  1. What the Health - Amazing documentary about health
Written on May 2, 2017